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Date : 2014-09-16 | Category : Press release

ARaymond推出新的Automotive市场 网站

互动功能生动地展现了ARaymond的产品和技术 ARaymond*,汽车工业紧固和装配解决方案的专家,推出了一个新的网站 ——向全球汽车市场提供了其解决方案的详细解析。 访问Product(产品)版块的技术人员和汽车爱好者们被邀请“启… [+]

Date : 2014-06-02 | Category : Press article

Raydiall Announces Launch of New Website | - English version

Raydiall (a joint venture between ARaymond and Radiall)  announced today the launch of its new company website: The new website reflects the company's mission to provide its customers with easy access to essential information about Raydiall's innovative interconnect products, systems and services. Via www.prnewswire.… [+]

Date : 2014-04-17 | Category : Press article

Outlook for 2014: Six key sectors, six reasons to keep faith | usine-nouvelle (French version)

ARaymond strengthens its position (extract from the third key sectors) Yes, it is possible to be an automotive supplier and have a smile on your face. "January got off to a very strong start. We are working at full steam", summed up Frédéric Perrot, Managing Director, France at ARaymond. The family business, which sells 9… [+]

Date : 2014-04-01 | Category : Press release

New ARaymond* plant in India to be recognized for sustainability commitment - English version

Facility in Chakan, near Pune set to become one of few Indian companies to receive LEED Gold certification The new ARaymond* plant in India, which supplies a range of fasteners to automotive and industrial companies across the country, has quickly become established as one of the most environmentally sustainable facilitie… [+]

Date : 2014-01-24 | Category : Press article

PET film reinforces glass in retractable panoramic roof | Plasticstoday - English version

Processors involved in production of the system are Cooper-Standard (Novi, MI) and ARaymond (Grenoble, France), the latter being the molder of the fasteners. Via  … [+]

Date : 2014-01-17 | Category : Press article

„Unprecedented expansion“ | Verlagshaus-jaumann - German Version

New and innovative products contribute materially to the company’s success. The examples stated by Mr Trefzer include a head airbag with which the Audi B 9, among others, is to be equipped as of next year, windshield washer nozzles in which GM shows great interest as well as self-locking sheet metal nuts in a new shape for BMW. via verlag… [+]


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