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Date : 2015-01-06 | Category : Press article


 扣件大厂ARaymond投入公司自创立以来最大的一笔资金5000万欧元在德国建造现代化制造厂。 Via  … [+]

Date : 2015-01-06 | Category : Press article

ARaymond, the turbo boosting worldwide innovation for the automobile market | La Tribune - French version

Automobile equipment manufacturer ARaymond generates 87% of its revenue on export markets, and is building or upgrading 14 industrial plants to step up its capacity even further. Via La tribune… [+]

Date : 2014-12-15 | Category : Press release


Rayconnect*,流体连接领域毋容置疑的品牌标杆,其品牌声誉牢牢建立在技术创新和卓越技术的基石之上。 Rayconnect享有的国际声誉得益于其扎根在法国及德国的科研、创新及开发团队,这是品牌的驱动力。研发团队的首要任务是通过快速适应客户不断变化的要求… [+]

Date : 2014-12-09 | Category : Press article

ARaymond Building EUR 50 Million Plant | Global Fastenernews - English version

A new "state-of-the-art" ARaymond Gmbh plant in Germany — the largest single investment in company history — is on schedule to be fully operational by early 2016, CEO Jürgen Trefzer announced. Via… [+]

Date : 2014-12-04 | Category : Press article

ARaymond among France’s top 100 subcontractors | L'Usine Nouvelle - French version

The business slump in 2013 did not hit our French champions in the subcontracting sector too hard. Most of them saw their revenue increase. ARaymond, for example, managed to secure new contracts outside France, in growing markets. Via… [+]

Date : 2014-12-03 | Category : Press article

ARaymond on the road to success | Verlagshaus-jaumann | German version

The ARaymond Rebgarten premises from the air: Construcion work is running on high speed, the new metal processing building is to be inaugurated at the beginning of 2016. Via… [+]


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