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Date : 2015-05-15 | Category : Press article

ARaymond, key supplier | Gavalno-Organo - French version

At the last Paris automotive Show, the company again showcased its expertise by participating in the EOLAB project. This new concept car from Renault features an innovative adhesive bonding technology developed by Grenoble-based family-owned company ARaymond. Via Galvano-Organo… [+]

Date : 2015-04-14 | Category : Press article

New plant largest ever investment for ARaymond | Fastener & Fixing

A new state of the art ARaymond production plant in Germany, the largest single investment ever made by the company, is on schedule to be fully operational by early 2016. Via Fastener & Fixing  … [+]

Date : 2015-02-25 | Category : Press release


毗邻东京的先进厂房现正扩大产能,为汽车制造商及非汽车行业提供紧固解决方案 根据紧固件生产公司ARaymond的介绍,他们全新的日本厂房拥有符合人体工学的工作环境、多才多艺的团队以及精益生产的工作方式,令该厂房成为整个亚太地区同类厂房中的效率翘… [+]

Date : 2015-02-17 | Category : Press article

Details of the testimonial by Mr. Philippe Moutardier - Fabrication Manager of the EOLAB vehicle in the CRP department at Renault - English version

ARaymond*: What was the context for the development of the "EOLAB" vehicle? Mr. M.: The Super Alma project, from which EOLAB has originated, is a rather extensive project with an aim to preview Renault's 2020 vehicles: vehicles which will produce much less CO2, due to being lighter, and benefiting from improved aerodynamics. EOLAB … [+]

Date : 2015-01-27 | Category : Press release

ARaymond*, 雷诺的创新合作伙伴——当绑定技术成为降低车身重量的一种解决方案时

在巴黎汽车展上展示的这一品牌的新概念车集成了ARaymond™ 创新绑定技术方案。 雷诺在巴黎汽车展上推出了它的新概念车——EOLAB,这种新概念车 是对2020年汽车的预览,并吸收了最终将被用于汽车生产中的技术组成部分。这些创新方案的主要目标是:… [+]

Date : 2015-01-07 | Category : Press article

ARaymond innovation partner to Renault | Industrie Mag

Renault's new demo model, now on display at the Paris Motor Show, features an innovative bonded fastener technology developed by ARaymond. Via industrie Mag… [+]


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